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GNT Update


District 22 GNT Finals for all Flights will be held ONLINE on BBO.

Date & Time 

QUALIFYING – Saturday, May 22 10:00am and 3:00pm 

FINAL – Sunday, May 23 10:00am and 3:00pm (2 or 4 team KO)

PRACTICE – Saturday, May 15 1:00pm (VACB905265)

Team Registration

Pre-register by emailing by noon on May 15, 2021.

Provide team member details including :

  • Team captain's name, email and phone number

  • Full player names, emails phone numbers, ACBL numbers, BBO handles, personal Zoom IDs and estimated masterpoints as of August 6, 2019, which primarily determines Flight Status. If you’re not sure, give us your ACBL number and we can check for you.

(Emails, Zoom IDs and phone numbers will not be distributed, but only used by the DIC.)

Entry Fees

Each team must mail the district treasurer a check for the first day's two-session entry fee no later than May 15 for $96 (4), $108 (5) or $120 (6).

Richard Picheny

District 22 Treasurer

31212 Paseo Amapola

San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675


Be careful as those with a principal residence outside District 22 are no longer grandfathered.

Get Ready

Each player will need online access, a BBO account, computer skills, and a free ZOOM account. Strict security measures will be enforced. Players must complete an ACBL convention card with full name and supplemental notes as well as posted defenses.


Championship – 6,000+ Masterpoints [ACBL Open+ Chart]

Flight A – Under 6,000 Masterpoints [ACBL Open Chart]

Flight B – Under 2,500 Masterpoints [ACBL Basic+ Chart]

Flight C – Non-Life Master under 500 Masterpoints [ACBL Basic Chart]


All flights will compete at the same time with same hands. All teams will play two sessions on Day 1, playing every other team in their bracket. If there are more than 10 teams in a flight, there will be two or more brackets. There will be a 2 or 4 team KO two-session final on Day 2 unless there are less than three teams in a flight.

To learn more about team registration, how to pay, eligibility, player substitutions, team augmentation, team substitution, security, penalties, scoring, ties, movements and much more head on over to the District and ACBL CoCs. If after reading these CoCs, you still have unanswered questions, please contact me at

We look forward to welcoming as many teams as possible. If you have never played in the District 22 GNT Finals, here’s your chance to represent our district at the national level.


Ron Lien

District 22 GNT Coordinator

(626) 695-5409

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