While we’re optimistic the height of the pandemic is behind us, we are still approaching the tournament with precautions in place to protect you and your fellow bridge players.

All attendees, staff and volunteers must be fully vaccinated as per the Centers for Disease Control guidelines. While booster shots are currently not required, they are highly recommended.

Effective March 1, 2022, The ACBL is requiring masking of players, staff and volunteers when the COVID-19 Community Level rate is indicated as “High,” and will not require masks when the Community Level rate is indicated as “Low” or “Medium.” At time of publication, the San Diego county rate was “Low”. 


Following are the San Diego Regional safety protocols:

  • Proof of full vaccination will be required (boosters always recommended). A Vax Shack will be available on site. 

  • Masking will not be required if San Diego is at “Medium” or “Low” per CDC/ACBL definition. 

  • CDC charts will be reviewed daily to evaluate SD community level rate. Attendees should be prepared by bringing masks to the tournament playing areas in the event the Community Level rate changes to “High.” We will also have plenty of masks available in the hospitality area.

  • We also ask attendees to be courteous and wear a mask if seated at a table with a high-risk player who asks for tablemates to wear masks. Discourteous refusals may be subject to discipline through the application of Zero Tolerance penalties.

VAX SHACK       Before Morning          Before Afternoon          Before Evening

   HOURS             Session                    Session                    Session

Mon                                                         8:00AM – 1:50PM        6:00PM – 6:50PM

Tue - Sat            9:15AM – 10:15AM       2:15PM – 3:00PM        7:00PM – 7:20PM

Sun                     8:30AM – 9:20AM


Remember….. You must be fully vaccinated by April 2, 2022.

To gain access to the playing area you must go through our Vax Shack.

You must always wear your Ocean Blue ID Bracelet.

The Vax Shack is conveniently located at the entrance to the conference area. We are not doing advance registration at this tournament. To ensure fast processing through the Vax Shack, please have your vaccination card and photo id ready for our volunteers. 

One final note -  

Please, if you don’t feel well, simply forgo playing.