Our First Face-To-Face Regional In 23 Months!
– The Palm Springs Regional Is Coming!

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Due to the COVID19 Situation,
the Labor Day and Ventura Halloween Regionals have been cancelled.


STaCs are back.

The Western Conference held its first STAC since 2019 in August. Over 100 participating clubs in D17/18/21/22/23 competed in this face to face event over a one-week period with 1516 tables in play. District 22 was represented by 24 of its clubs. Congratulations to the many D22 players who placed, earning silver points.

Special kudos goes to Mark Itabashi, 2019 Barry Crane Top 500 winner, clearly in the lead with 59.41MPs.


#1       Mark Itabashi   59.41 MPs

#4      Iftikhar Baqai    35.43 MPs

#5      Jay Tipton        22.00 MPs

#6      Linda Tipton     22.00 MPs

#28    Mick Riccio       11.20 MPs

#32    Mac Becket       10.09 MPs

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The All-Western

99er NiteClub

With a new game for players with 0-20MPs! 


The All-Western 99er NiteClub, a cooperative effort sponsored by five neighboring districts (D17/D19/D21/D22/D23) is a virtual club for, as the name implies, players with less than 100 points. Averaging 30+ tables/evening, it continues to be very popular among our players. To this end, we have started a new 0-20 game as a stepping stone for beginners into the realm of virtual clubs.  Refer to the updated flyer for more information.


A highly qualified team of directors/instructors run these games and the ensuing postmortems, and we are very appreciative of their dedication to the program. 


Mondays:  Lynn Yokel, directing and teaching

Tuesdays: Arleen Harvey directing and Wirt Gilliam teaching

Wednesdays: Will Watson, directing and teaching

Thursdays: Ellis Feigenbaum directing and Paul Darin teaching


Get Ready For 2021-2022 Grand National Teams

Our district just completed its district finals on BBO in May; ACBL finals were held in July, and the new cycle starts again.

The ACBL has already published its Conditions of Contest for 2021-2022 here.

Form your teams, schedule your games, play with as many partners as you want to qualify at the club level. Remember, your team make-up can change later once you reach the district level qualifications. 

For now, enjoy this grass roots event and look for our district Conditions of Contest to complement those the ACBL just published. For more info, contact Ron Lien, GNT Coordinator, at ronaldlien@aol.com.


2021-2022 North American Pairs


District Finals: 

Palm Springs Regional Sunday Dec 19th, 2021

Westin Mission Hills Golf Resort & Spa

ACBL NAP Conditions of Contest

Available here.

D22 NAP Conditions of Contest

Available here.

Lamya's Lowdown

Lamya Agelidis

District 22 President

The pandemic is not over… Our bridge world is still in a state of flux as variants spread and breakthrough cases increase. Some clubs that are housed in city buildings are having to tighten their protocols due to new city edicts. More and more, facial coverings are required to be worn. Sadly, I also hear of clubs closing, as well as units dissolving. Bottom line is the situation around us is still evolving and influencing the path taken by our clubs, units, districts and the ACBL as a whole. Be patient, be flexible and above all, stay safe. 

By the time you read this article, the NAP (North American Pairs) qualifying games will be over. We hope you all took advantage of the many opportunities available to you, both online and face-to-face, to play in this grass roots event, and for those of you who qualified–1292 out of our current district membership of 5601–we’ll be there cheering you on in the district finals on Sunday Dec 19th at our Palm Springs Regional. 

Meanwhile, the prestigious GNT (Grand National Teams) competition has just begun, with qualifying games on both platforms awarding double masterpoints, half red and half black. Games will start Sep 1st, with the finals scheduled at the summer NABC in Providence, RI next July. The ACBL 2021-2022 Conditions of Contest just came out and can be found on our website. Our district GNT COCs will follow soon with details on district finals date and location.

ACBL Management and the BOD haven’t had a moment to spare – two of the biggest topics on the table right now are 1) potential changes to virtual club play to support a robust return to face-to-face bridge and 2) protocols regarding face-to-face tournaments. On the first topic, I was involved, as were several other club managers and unit/district board representatives from our district, in a number of Town Hall meetings facilitated by Board of Governors Chair Doug Couchman. Discussion revolved around several options, including an open model in which players could play wherever they want. Various permutations of that model were suggested, included elimination of guest and pooling restrictions; re-defining or discontinuing the SYC concept were discussed, as well as elimination of online only sanctions, elimination of cross-district pools, expansion or contraction of allowed player lists, etc. With over 300 people participating from various backgrounds, the outcome wasn’t too surprising – most attendees were focusing on their individual situation and little unanimity was achieved. Small clubs wanted protection from large clubs; large clubs favored cross-district pooling; players without clubs tended to argue for more opportunities to play; players in areas in which face-to-face play is re-opening argued for the necessity of face-to-face to retain sanctions… except for those whose clubs couldn’t open, who argued against. Bottom line: good discussions which Doug took back to the BOD and Management. They have their work cut out, since no solution is likely to please everyone. Stay tuned!

The second issue that is being closely tracked is what tournaments to run and when. The ACBL will be announcing monthly which tournaments will be staffed. It is not a one-size fits all solution, but rather one that evaluates local conditions. Criteria include local restrictions, virus positivity rates, vaccination rates and local bridge club activity. Staffing of tournaments is of primary concern to the ACBL, and no open tournament has been held since March 2020. An updated ACBL’s Tournament COVID Precautions Policy has been issued recently here requiring all participants, players, volunteers and ACBL staff to be fully vaccinated, and some tournaments may recommend or require face masks, depending on local conditions. Again, paramount to any decision is everyone’s safety.

For the 12th year running, our district has been appointing qualified candidates to the district's Goodwill list. As the end of September deadline approaches, please take a minute to consider whether you know someone who meets the qualities required to be honored with this title, and submit a nomination to Linda Decquir (see p. 11). Through online or face-to-face play, some of you must have encountered well-deserving members who fit that bill and deserve the extra recognition. Call them out and your district Board would gladly consider them.

Lastly, the Fall NABC in Austin is a go as of today, as is our Palm Springs Regional in Rancho Mirage in December. Book your rooms at the Westin soon while supplies last here. All rooms have been renovated so you’re in a for a real treat! Let’s keep our fingers crossed that we can offer a safe environment for us to gather in. Stay tuned for regular updates. ♣


ACBL's Recent Guidance Regarding COVID Protocols


Based upon the most recently received guidance from the CDC, the following will be in effect:
Until further notice, the following are mandatory:

  1. VACCINATION: All staff, players and volunteers must be vaccinated with a complete set of vaccinations completed no less than 14 days before the date of the event in which the player wishes to purchase an entry.  Unless prohibited by law, each player must provide proof of vaccination to the Event Safety Coordinator or a member of their staff. In areas or locations where requiring proof of vaccination is prohibited by law, the event sponsor must put in place other precautions, such as mandatory rapid COVID testing and/or mask requirements. Please check with the Tournament Chair for any changes or updates to this policy.  

  2. MASK REQUIREMENTS: Per a July decision by the ACBL Board of Directors, subject to change at any time, anyone who has received the required doses of a Covid-19 vaccine (under Health Canada, CDC, or Mexico Ministry of Health guidelines) at least 14 days prior to their attendance at a bridge tournament will not be required to wear a mask at said tournament. This ACBL policy does not countermand any ordinance or law in effect at the site of the tournament. 

  3. HAND SANITIZER: Hand sanitizer must be readily available inside the playing area.

  4. EVENT SAFETY COORDINATOR: Each tournament sponsor must provide a designated Event Safety Coordinator, who will be available to review proof of vaccinations, etc.

Please note that all the above are subject to change. Please check with the Tournament Chair for any clarification or further information.

Requirements for Face-to-Face Tournaments Announced

Here’s a summary of the most recent announcement from the ACBL with further elaboration on the previous announcements:

  • Starting August 1, STACs and Intermediate/Newcomer Sectionals will be allowed to move forward. Essentially, these are tournaments that do not require ACBL staff.

  • All other tournament sanctions will be reviewed on a case by case basis, with the ACBL evaluating every tournament at the 100-day, 60-day and 30-day marks. The final decision will rest with the ACBL, with the primary concern being based on the safety of players, staff and volunteers.

  • For tournaments that do proceed, the following will be mandatory:

    • Vaccination

    • Face Masks

    • Table spacing: Tables must be set at a minimum of 11' centers, in other words, at least 8' apart.

    • No food or drink may be distributed except for individual "grab and go" types of servings

    • Exceptions may be made due to medical or religious beliefs.These will be determined on a case by case basis by the ACBL.

Click here  for more details.

Phase-In Plan for Face-to-Face Bridge Announced

Here’s a summary of the recent announcement from the ACBL:

  • The Providence North American Bridge Championships (NABC) set for Summer 2021 has been moved to Summer 2022.

  • The 2022 Summer NABC in Washington DC has been canceled.

  • Return to playing in person will begin at the local club level, followed by the return of Sectionals, estimated to begin in August 2021, then the return of Regionals, estimated to begin in early October (all dates subject to change). 

  • All tournament sanctions have been canceled through the end of July. 

  • The dates for the 2021 Fall NABC are set as November 25-December 5.

Click here for more details.



With the continued increase of clubs openings, the ACBL is now showing 2 calendars: one for Online Schedule, and another one for Face-to-Face Club Schedule,. Stay tuned for a monthly update!

Virtual Clubs Visitor Policy

Effective July 24, 2020 the ACBL has relaxed the guidelines for members wishing to access club games other than their 'home' club. Please review the amended policy and contact club managers with any questions you may have. The district strongly urges members to support, when appropriate your local club.

ACBL Safety Considerations

The ACBL recently issued guidelines to the club managers regarding reopening of clubs, which you may find interesting. It can be can viewed on this page on the ACBL 's site.


Updates to ACBL's Alert Procedure

The ACBL Board of Directors unanimously approved a comprehensive update to the ACBL Alert Procedure at its November meeting, the first major overhaul in 20 years.

The new procedures go into effect Jan. 1, 2021. Click here for more details.