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Results are in!

Many of our district members participated in the 4-day newest online regionally-rated tournament held August 27-30.

Congrats to the following players who ranked in the top 100 masterpoint winners.

Avram Ninyo     22.50
Susan Ninyo     22.50
Ellis Feigenbaum    18.80
Finn Kolesnik    18.55
Steven Love    16.98
Judy Elbogen   16.78

Congrats Marjorie and Finn!

Marjorie Michelin recently won the World Bridge Federation's Women's Online Spring Festival. This 7 day event had 342 participants. Marjorie, for her efforts, has earned a free entry for her and her partner to National Women's Pairs Championship at World Bridge Games. The games are to be held in Italy in the spring.

Finn Kolesnik captained the team that tied the Levine squad at NAOBC Teams KO finals. Both teams were awarded masterpoints for the second place. The participants in the final were a whose  who in the bridge world. Competing on the Kolesnik team were Finn Kolesnik, Jacob Freeman, Kit Woolsey, Bart Bramley, Bob Hamman, and Peter Weichsel. The Levine squad was Mike Levine, Eddie Wold, Jeff Meckstroth, Eric Rodwell, Geir Helgemo, and Tor Helness.

Read Finn's recap of the event here.

Ron's Review

Ron Lien

District 22 President

State of the District

While we wait for the return of face-to-face club games and tournaments in 2021, the district board has been resolving hotel contracts for canceled regionals, preparing for future regionals, communicating relevant news, and supporting online bridge. Having recently made significant expense reductions, the district is better positioned to deal with the uncertainty surrounding next year’s regionals.

Nancy Erickson left our board recently, and we thank her for her years of service. Please join me in welcoming our new board member, Barbara Maniscalco, representing Area 2.

District 22 has 6,329 members, the 11th most of 25 districts in the ACBL. Our average member is 74.6 years old with an average of 19 years of membership. While 367 new members have joined our ranks in the last 12 months, 475 have departed. We encourage each of you to mentor new and less online-savvy members as they grow in their adaption to and experience with online bridge. That will set the stage for our successful return to the table in 2021.

Ethical Online Bridge

Playing bridge online presents some advantages as well as new temptations. While you don’t have to drive to the club, there’s limited social interaction and no provided food. Online software prevents you from revoking, although you may occasionally mis-click to partner’s dismay. Unfortunately for your opponents, you can no longer bid or lead out of turn or make an insufficient bid. 

I’m told that while you can’t look at your convention card when playing at the table, it’s perfectly fine to do so online. The reason is that your partner can’t see you look, which would be unauthorized information. However, you can’t write down cards played as a memory aid. 

Couples who simultaneously play in the same games under the same roof cannot share information about hands in play. Likewise, partners cannot use electronic means to communicate while playing. Using a second online kibitzing account while playing on another account to gain information about the hands is not allowed. 

Avoid the temptation to gain unauthorized information during the bidding and the play. Beyond destroying the equity of the game, you face the not unlikely prospect of being discovered. BBO is diligently monitoring and investigating account activity and patterns of unusual play and bidding. Recent high profile examples damage the image and value of the game, especially for new players. The National Recorder and his staff, working with the districts, are very busy evaluating and adjudicating a large number of online player memos. Penalties for gaining unauthorized information can result in substantial penalties ranging from probation to suspension or even expulsion. 

Etiquette in the Wild West

Playing online in some of the larger games seems to embolden adventuresome bidders, who overcall with skimpy hands, overbid, and compete with abandon to push you higher. Yes, it reminds me of the Wild West where the tried and true rules of sane bidding don’t apply. For those tournament players who are watchful of opponents’ bidding or play hesitations, online play can pose certain dilemmas. Some opponents alert after rather than with their bids. Others ask for repeatedly detailed explanations about the same bid. 

Be responsible by not playing too slowly, and feel free to call the director when your partner or an opponent loses their connection. My suggestion is to be tolerant of and respectful to the opponents. Avoid calling the director unless the infraction is egregious or repetitive. Provide the director with pertinent details, but be gracious in accepting their rulings. They have a challenging job.

I look forward to seeing you online. Please contact your district board members with suggestions and constructive criticisms. We want to hear from you. Stay safe and play well.


Virtual Clubs Visitor Policy

Effective July 24, 2020 the ACBL has relaxed the guidelines for members wishing to access club games other than their 'home' club. Please review the amended policy and contact club managers with any questions you may have. The district strongly urges members to support, when appropriate your local club.

Joe Jones Announcement Re: 2020 Tournaments

On June 18 you should have received an email from Joseph Jones that said, “… ACBL will not staff any sectionals or regionals with tournament directors for the remainder of 2020.” Click here to read the entire email.

ACBL Safety Considerations

The ACBL recently issued guidelines to the club managers regarding reopening of clubs, which you may find interesting. It can be can viewed on this page on the ACBL 's site.

Virtual Clubs offer a Dust of Gold and Double Masterpoints Sep 21-27. Click for details.

Virtual Reality

We are in a virtual world - clubs are all closed, tournaments are cancelled. Furthermore, we are missing a lot of the social interaction and mental stimulation we were accustomed to enjoying in the bridge world. Sounds like a dire bridge reality.


Thanks to the folks at BBO, the Common Game and the ACBL, the bridge world made a hasty transition to online bridge. Despite the glitches and challenges along the way, the time and talent that have gone into this migration so far are unbelievable; and the dedication of our volunteers has been inspiring. ACBL’s Chip Dombrowski features the burgeoning of the virtual movement in his Bridge Feed article.


The ACBL now boasts approximately 530 virtual clubs, 17 of them are in our District. Refer to the Virtual Clubs tab under Units/Clubs to get a complete listing of the Virtual Clubs in your area and to view short tutorials on the various aspects of navigating BBO.

2020 GNT Update

ACBL has announced the next GNT finals will be held in July 2021 at the Providence, RI Summer NABC.


District 22 did not complete their club/unit qualifying. The GNT District 22 finals for 2020 scheduled in April 2020 were cancelled. 


The board is awaiting amended national GNT Conditions of Contest from ACBL and will post them as soon as they are available.

Teams that qualified in 2019 will be eligible to compete in the same Flight. We urge members, to secure and retain if possible a copy of their qualifying results.  


Watch for further updates on this site and in the D22Connection.

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