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Mark Your Calendars

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California’s friendliest tournament is back! The Ventura Regional returns October 24-30, 2022 to the newly renovated Ventura Beach Marriott.


While you come for the bridge and superior hospitality, you have to indulge in the surroundings and discover why Ventura is called “Southern California’s whispered secret.” 


Before hitting the bridge table, take a stroll on the nearby beach. During the lunch break, dine in the hotel and rest in the beautiful outside garden or stroll to a nearby café. At the end of the day, discuss those hands at a local brewery or wine bar and then head to the Ventura pier for a sunset stroll and great eats or to the nearby downtown and its many dining options. Venture out into the community and you will have a wonderful time in Ventura--you will have more than a bridge experience, you will have a vacation!


Ventura is the small town that’s packed with things to do and see: beaches, whale watching, hiking, golfing, wine tasting, micro breweries, music, theatre and historical sites like the beautiful Mission Basilica San Buenaventura, the last mission established by Father Junipero Serra.


Before leaving for home–or come early–enjoy a side trip to the charming artist community of Ojai with its unique shops, galleries and restaurants. Or take an extra day and travel north to nearby Carpinteria, Summerland and Santa Barbara–more coastal gems you won’t want to miss!


And how easy it is to get to Ventura! Highway 101 runs through the town, as does Amtrak, with direct service from San Diego in the south and Seattle in the north. If arriving by plane, there is shuttle service from LAX, Burbank and Santa Barbara airports. 


Book your rooms here before September 30 to take advantage of our $144 bridge rate. Check out the schedule–daily bracketed team events, IMP pairs, Gold Rush pairs, a superb Intermediate/Novice program with daily speakers led by none other than our own Grand Life Master, Marjorie Michelin. Line up your partners and join us for much more than a Halloween treat!


We hope you will come for the bridge but also experience what Ventura and the surrounding area have to offer–you won’t be disappointed.

What’s the latest in Club News?

We’re excited to see an increase in face-to-face games at the clubs. Virtual games will continue to be offered for players who aren’t ready for in-person activities. However, if you’re comfortable playing in person, be sure to visit your local club. It helps your club so much more when you’re “live”, and there’s nothing nicer than seeing your smiles when you get that top board!

Face-to-Face Clubs News:


NAP Qualifying Games
NAP qualifying games begin June 1 and run through August 31. Clubs may hold two NAP qualifiers for each sanctioned session in June, July and August. These games will award approximately triple regular club points, half-red and half-black.

“Back to the Club” Games
Four calendar weeks in 2022 have been designated as a special time when all face-to-face club games can be run as Upgraded Club Championships. You may want to take this opportunity to promote these times as “Back to the Club” weeks.
The next two weeks are November 7-20. 

Royal STaCs
Due to the success of the Royal STaCs, an additional Royal STaC week has been approved and will be held December 2022.

Virtual Club News:


Virtual Club Visitor Policy
The Virtual Club Visitor Policy has been updated here. The only change is that ACBL will no longer be enforcing the policy for VACB clubs running fewer than 50 tables per week. This was introduced to allow small clubs to grow their online games, and it will go into effect on June 1, 2022.  

VACB Club Awards
In order to support the return of face-to-face club play, there will be a reduction in the maximum VACB club awards from 4.0 to 2.5. This change will be effective July 1, 2022.

NAP Qualifying Games
NAP qualifying games begin June 1 and run through August 31. Clubs may hold two NAP qualifiers for each "regularly held virtual club session" in each month of June, July and August. These games will award double regular club points, half-red and half-black.


Grand National Teams District Finals Results 

Two teams represented our District at the NABC in Providence on July 13-15.

The Flight B team, captained by Lei Tsui, had a spectacular performance, finishing up in 2nd place among 33 entrants, picking up more than 52 Gold MPs along the way!

Way to go, District 22 is so proud of you. 



Yongdong Yang - Lei Tsui - Wen Zhou - Enhao Du

Andrew Rowberg - Danning Lu

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Fran White - Dan Denison - Christine Denny - Richard Unger (np)

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David's National Dialogue

David Lodge

Regional Director

National Board Representative

This report is coming to you from the beautiful, luxury sport fisher, The Intrepid. We departed San Diego on 7/24, cruised 450 miles southeast along the Baja Mexican coast, where we fished for Yellow Fin Tuna, Wahoo, Yellowtail and Blue Fin Tuna.

As I write this, Providence has just ended. Attending an NABC is fun! This tournament was no exception, in spite of the fact that I didn’t play any bridge. As has been said many times before, our avocation is one of the few in the world where you can rub elbows with the very best. Among our elite D22/D23 players with whom I had the pleasure of sharing a dinner are Ross Grabel, Mitch Dunitz, Ifti Baqai and Mark Itabashi. More time was spent in good natured bantering with attendent laughter than was spent talking about bridge.

Speaking of Mitch, the league has appropriately honored him for his great devotion to our game, by adding his name to the college tournament which is now known as the Mitch Dunitz Collegiate Bridge Bowl Championship.

Our national Board of Director meetings started on Monday, 7/10 and continued through Thursday afternoon. On the cheating issue, we passed a motion that any Grand Life Master or member of the Hall of Fame, convicted of 1st degree cheating with a recommended suspension period of 2 years or more, shall be stripped of those respective honors with no chance of ever again achieving the title(s). Still on the cheating theme, EDGAR, the on-line cheating software soon to be adopted by the ACBL, is getting close to being put into use on a broad scale (expect a rollout layer this year). Think of EDGAR like you think of a radar gun being used by law enforcement. If it catches you, the ACBL will presume that you’ve been cheating and have committed an ACBL ethical violation. You’ll have an opportunity to defend yourself, but you’ll have to overcome the primary evidence. This approach will only be used for what are considered cases that won’t rise to serious cases of cheating warranting more serious suspensions. It will eliminate many of the steps of the current discipline process.

The Education Foundation is going to partner with the league in a new, exciting endeavor aimed at identifying excellent, successful teachers and providing them with leads. Robert Todd, president of the Ed Foundation gave a compelling presentation to the BOD that prompted the board to authorize the investment of $100,000 to further this program. The Ed Foundation will supply personnel as required to implement, monitor and measure the results of the program.

The 2023 budget for the ACBL does not paint a rosy picture. We are expecting to lose close to $1,000,000 from operations. The BOD and management are committed to strongly assess every assumption about the needs of the organization. We need to justify, as revenues decline, the need for all categories of spending. As an example, it has been determined that the requirement for an in-house counsel is no longer justified and the position has been eliminated. We are in the process of conducting a vigorous review of IT methods of accomplishing our objectives and the costs related thereto. Likewise, marketing and general and administrative expenses will undergo scrutiny to see what, if any, costs can be eliminated.

This year has seen the reduction of BOD members down to 19 from the 25 that existed before the reorganization. In 2023, we’ll be down to about 15 and as of 1/1/2024, we’ll be at our final number of 13. There is no question that some very excellent volunteers will have been eliminated via this process. However, the increase in efficiency is dramatic and, in my opinion, well worth the trade off. The distinction between districts within a region, irrespective of the individual district size, are already getting blurred. At meetings you notice Regional Directors speaking to issues of their regions. I am confident that as future regional elections take place, it will be the best candidate within a region that will prevail.

Next month I’ll update you on league efforts to look at our financial situation and the outlook going into 2024 and beyond.

Stay healthy, stay safe and enjoy our great game! ♣



  D22 Launches an

  Education Grant


Consistent with its mission of promoting duplicate bridge and specifically programs of education for its membership, District 22 has launched an education grant program, encouraging grant proposals from member units and clubs that focus on bridge education and membership building.


A selection process is then applied, and if accepted, a monetary stipend is issued to the submitting entity. Upon competition of the “project”, we will encourage sharing of their accomplishments to promote best practices within the district.

Click here for more details.

Big News for



Have you joined us at an in-person regional or sectional tournament lately? If not, now is the best time to start! 
The ACBL has just introduced two new programs that will make attending face-to-face tournaments more exciting than ever.

Jump Ahead with a 20% Overall Award Increase

That’s right! Earn a 20% upgrade on overall awards when you play at face-to-face regional and sectional tournaments. 

This special award increase is exclusive to in-person regionals and sectionals. We’re celebrating the growing comeback of face-to-face tourneys, and we hope you’ll join.  

The 20% overall award boost will apply to all face-to-face tournament events from May 30, 2022 to May 28, 2023. That’s almost an entire year of chances to rake in the rewards! Yes, all D22 Sectionals starting now will benefit from this boost as well as the Ventura and Palm Springs regional this year! 

Skip the Line with Entry Express

Have you heard about Entry Express? It’s the new ACBL online portal that allows you to RSVP to face-to-face tournaments and even buy your event entries ahead of time!
Entry Express was available at the Spring NABC, and attendees were thrilled to no longer wait in line. Now, the ACBL rolling it out to all U.S. open regional tournaments beginning in June - You’ll be seeing it at our own Ventura and Palm Springs regionals later in the year!

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Covid Protocols for National, Regional and Sectional Tournaments EFFECTIVE March 1, 2022

Due to the CDC’s updated recommendations released on Friday, February 25, the ACBL’s Covid protocols for tournaments have changed effective today, March 1, 2022. These standards apply to all tournaments – sectionals, regionals and NABCs.
Click here to read the revised Covid protocols.
The primary takeaway is this: If the COVID-19 Community Level as determined by the CDC (click here to search by county) is “high,” face masks will be required. Masks will be optional (though they are always recommended) for tournaments held in counties notated as having a “low” or “medium”Community Level as indicated by the CDC.
The Covid vaccination requirement is still in place.

Covid Protocols for National, Regional and Sectional Tournaments EFFECTIVE January 1, 2022

Based upon the most recently received guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the following will be in effect: 

Until further notice, the following are mandatory: 

  1. VACCINATION: All staff, players and volunteers must be vaccinated with a complete set of vaccinations completed no less than 14 days before the date of the event in which the player wishes to purchase an entry (booster shots are not included in this policy at this time). Unless prohibited by law, each player must provide proof of vaccination to the Event Safety Coordinator or a member of their staff. In areas or locations where requiring proof of vaccination is prohibited by law, the event sponsor must put in place other precautions, such as mandatory rapid COVID testing and mask requirements. Please check with the Tournament Chair for any changes or updates to this policy. 

  2. MASK REQUIREMENTS: Any tournament staffed by the ACBL must require masking of players, staff and volunteers unless community transmission rate is below “substantial” (as determined by the CDC or a similar metric from a health agency) a week before the start date of the tournament. Whether or not masks are required, masking is always recommended. This ACBL policy does not countermand any ordinance or law in effect at the site of the tournament. 

  3. HAND SANITIZER: Hand sanitizer must be readily available inside the playing area. 

  4. EVENT SAFETY COORDINATOR: Each tournament sponsor must provide a designated Event Safety Coordinator, who will be available to review proof of vaccinations, etc. 

Please note that all the above are subject to change. Please check with the Tournament Chair for any clarification or further information. 

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The All-Western

With a new game for players with 0-200MPs! 


The All-Western NiteClub, a cooperative effort sponsored by five neighboring districts (D17/D19/D21/D22/D23) is a virtual club for, as the name implies, players with less than 100 points. Averaging 20+ tables/evening, it continues to be very popular among our players. We also run a 0-20 game as a stepping stone for beginners into the realm of virtual clubs, and now a 199er game for our graduates to continue playing.  Refer to the updated flyer for more information.


A highly qualified team of directors/instructors run these games and the ensuing postmortems, and we are very appreciative of their dedication to the program. 


Mondays: Lynn Yokel, directing and teaching

Tuesdays: Arleen Harvey directing and Wirt Gilliam teaching

Wednesdays: Ellis Feigenbaum directing and Paul Darin teaching

Thursdays: Will Watson, directing and teaching

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The August
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The D22Connection is here.

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Previous editions of the D22Connection and the Forum can be viewed here.

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Lamya's Lowdown

Lamya Agelidis

District 22 President

Earlier in the year, I had mentioned that one of the district’s focuses in 2022 is to support grass roots education. Since we don’t have an assigned chair on our board to drive education programs, we formed an Education Committee to look at ways to promote education within our district by evaluating our needs and determining the best programs that will serve the most members. Examples could be: continuation of director certification/refresher courses (we’ve tended to run one of those every 12-18 months), ways to support our teachers, sponsoring guest speakers, providing a path to enrolling more participants in the GNTs. The Committee met on several occasions, prioritized our deliverables, and proposed our first “project” to the Board, receiving unanimous approval. I am delighted to introduce the D22 Education Grant Program. Click here for more details.

On another note, I spent a couple of days at the Long Beach regional last week, which incidentally boasted a respectable 55% attendance from 2019 figures, and the question I got asked the most at the table was, “When is our next Costa Mesa tournament?” Sadly, I have no answer to that right now. We continue our search for a venue in Orange County but with no luck to date. Even though our district typically is in a good position when it comes to room night commitments, we can't contend with the very large Food & Beverage budgets that other Orange County organizations request, and we are at a large disadvantage with organizations that are willing to spend $100,000+. We haven’t given up hope and will continue to look for options in the area. Leads are always welcome, just drop me a note at lamya.agelidis@gmail.com.

Meanwhile, we are committed to providing you with the best experience at our existing venues, and look forward to seeing you next in Ventura (Oct 24-30) and Palm Springs (Dec 12-18).