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We’re very pleased to launch a new, less cluttered website for you to stay up to date with what’s happening in our district. The website address has changed to www.d22acbl.com, so please update the bookmark on your browser. With our new format, updates will be easier and more frequent. For the most part, we will not be repeating information from our upcoming monthly newsletter – D22Connection. So be sure read it starting July 15, by clicking on the link at the top left above “HOME”. You will receive an email as a reminder. Check out how to navigate this site below.


When you’re looking for specific information, start with the menu selections at the top. For example, click on “Units/Clubs”. Choosing the submenu “Virtual Clubs” will take you to a list of clubs, links and contact information by area. If you have a new virtual club that isn’t listed, let us know through the Contact Us link to get added. You can look at an interactive map to determine your area and district area representative, find a club or list the unit officers.


For the latest information about the “NAP” or “GNT” as well as the conditions of contest, choose those menu options.


The district is committed to providing “Education” to all members. Find classes in your neck of the woods, read new instructional articles each month that will be added to an online repository, learn about the YNABC and the Collegiate Bowl, or direct a college student to the Gayle Andrews Scholarship.


We have curated a number of useful “Bridge Links”. Choose “MP Races” to check how you stand in the Mini-McKenney and Ace of Clubs. Learn more about “Goodwill” and past recipients.


The series of buttons below the scrolling images of beautiful Southern California is the go-to location for information about upcoming tournaments as it becomes available. 


Scroll down to the bottom of the page to “About Us”. Here you can learn more about District 22, your board members, and board associates. To gain insight into board activities and finances, please select Minutes or Financials.


To search the site for a topic, enter the word or phrase in the search bar at the top right of the banner. If you need to contact the webmaster or editor, please click “Contact Us”, and someone will get back to you.


We hope you enjoy your new website as much as we have enjoyed putting it together!


Please let us know what you think by clicking here.

Win Red and Gold ACBL

Masterpoints and an NABC Title

  • Stratified for a more level playing field: Unlimited/2000/500

  • Awards Red and Gold masterpoints and an NABC title

  • Entry fee is $50

2020 GNT Update

ACBL has announced the next GNT finals will be held in July 2021 at the Providence, RI Summer NABC.


District 22 did not complete their club/unit qualifying. The GNT District 22 finals for 2020 scheduled in April 2020 were cancelled. 


The board is awaiting amended national GNT Conditions of Contest from ACBL and will post them as soon as they are available.

Teams that qualified in 2019 will be eligible to compete in the same Flight. We urge members, to secure and retain if possible a copy of their qualifying results.  


Watch for further updates on this site and in the D22Connection.

On June 18 you should have received an email from Joseph Jones that said, “… ACBL will not staff any sectionals or regionals with tournament directors for the remainder of 2020.” Click here to read the entire email.


The ACBL recently issued guidelines to the club managers regarding reopening of clubs, which you may find interesting. It can be can viewed on this page on the ACBL 's site.

A new D22 Newsletter

is coming!

A brand new newsletter for District 22, called D22Connection, is on its way soon.

Expect to see it in your inbox on the 15th of each month, starting in July.

Virtual Reality

We are in a virtual world - clubs are all closed, tournaments are cancelled. Furthermore, we are missing a lot of the social interaction and mental stimulation we were accustomed to enjoying in the bridge world. Sounds like a dire bridge reality.


Thanks to the folks at BBO, the Common Game and the ACBL, the bridge world made a hasty transition to online bridge. Despite the glitches and challenges along the way, the time and talent that have gone into this migration so far are unbelievable; and the dedication of our volunteers has been inspiring. ACBL’s Chip Dombrowski features the burgeoning of the virtual movement in his Bridge Feed article.


The ACBL now boasts approximately 530 virtual clubs, 17 of them are in our District. Refer to the Virtual Clubs tab under Units/Clubs to get a complete listing of the Virtual Clubs in your area and to view short tutorials on the various aspects of navigating BBO.

Thanks Jon!

Jon Wright, recognized as a pillar of the San Diego bridge community, has over the years contributed greatly to the operation of our District in various capacities, including two terms as District president. In his first year as District board member in 2006, he also assumed the position of Webmaster which he has kept ever since, until the launch of our new website. Our deepest gratitude to Jon for his 15 years as Webmaster.

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