Our First Face-To-Face Regional In 23 Months!
– The Palm Springs Regional Is Coming!

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Due to the COVID19 Situation,
the Labor Day and Ventura Halloween Regionals have been cancelled.



The District 22 GNT Finals were held May 22-23.

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The All-Western

99er NiteClub

With a new game for players with 0-20MPs! 


The All-Western 99er NiteClub, a cooperative effort sponsored by five neighboring districts (D17/D19/D21/D22/D23) is a virtual club for, as the name implies, players with less than 100 points. Averaging 30+ tables/evening, it continues to be very popular among our players. To this end, we have started a new 0-20 game as a stepping stone for beginners into the realm of virtual clubs.  Refer to the updated flyer for more information.


A highly qualified team directors/instructors to run these games and the ensuing postmortems, and we are very appreciative of their dedication to the program. 


Mondays:  Lynn Yokel, directing and teaching

Tuesdays: Arleen Harvey directing and Wirt Gilliam teaching

Wednesdays: Will Watson, directing and teaching

Thursdays: Ellis Feigenbaum directing and Paul Darin teaching


2021-2022 North American Pairs

Cycle Underway

Club Qualifications:

June - July - August

District Finals: 

Palm Springs Regional Sunday Dec 19th, 2021

Westin Mission Hills Golf Resort & Spa

ACBL NAP Conditions of Contest

Available here.

D22 NAP Conditions of Contest

Coming Soon.


Updates to ACBL's Alert Procedure

The ACBL Board of Directors unanimously approved a comprehensive update to the ACBL Alert Procedure at its November meeting, the first major overhaul in 20 years.

The new procedures go into effect Jan. 1, 2021. Click here for more details.

ACBL offers a free Director Refresher Course

Club Managers and Club Directors, Tournament Director Melody Euler is offering a free Club Director Refresher Course on June 12, from 1-5 p.m. Central time.

The class will be on Zoom. Because there is no charge, there is no need for pre-registration. Simply click the following link to attend: 

If you need further help, email melody.euler@acbl.org.

Requirements for Face-to-Face Tournaments Announced

Here’s a summary of the most recent announcement from the ACBL with further elaboration on the previous announcements:

  • Starting August 1, STACs and Intermediate/Newcomer Sectionals will be allowed to move forward. Essentially, these are tournaments that do not require ACBL staff.

  • All other tournament sanctions will be reviewed on a case by case basis, with the ACBL evaluating every tournament at the 100-day, 60-day and 30-day marks. The final decision will rest with the ACBL, with the primary concern being based on the safety of players, staff and volunteers.

  • For tournaments that do proceed, the following will be mandatory:

    • Vaccination

    • Face Masks

    • Table spacing: Tables must be set at a minimum of 11' centers, in other words, at least 8' apart.

    • No food or drink may be distributed except for individual "grab and go" types of servings

    • Exceptions may be made due to medical or religious beliefs.These will be determined on a case by case basis by the ACBL.

Click here  for more details.

Phase-In Plan for Face-to-Face Bridge Announced

Here’s a summary of the recent announcement from the ACBL:

  • The Providence North American Bridge Championships (NABC) set for Summer 2021 has been moved to Summer 2022.

  • The 2022 Summer NABC in Washington DC has been canceled.

  • Return to playing in person will begin at the local club level, followed by the return of Sectionals, estimated to begin in August 2021, then the return of Regionals, estimated to begin in early October (all dates subject to change). 

  • All tournament sanctions have been canceled through the end of July. 

  • The dates for the 2021 Fall NABC are set as November 25-December 5.

Click here for more details.

2021 Online Schedule
Click here for more details.

Virtual Clubs Visitor Policy

Effective July 24, 2020 the ACBL has relaxed the guidelines for members wishing to access club games other than their 'home' club. Please review the amended policy and contact club managers with any questions you may have. The district strongly urges members to support, when appropriate your local club.

ACBL Safety Considerations

The ACBL recently issued guidelines to the club managers regarding reopening of clubs, which you may find interesting. It can be can viewed on this page on the ACBL 's site.

David's National Dialogue

David Lodge

National Board Representative

It’s finally happening. Clubs are opening at an ever accelerating pace. More than 500 clubs are now operating at some f2f level. We don’t have any hard numbers about average number of tables compared to pre-pandemic, but anecdotal information suggests less than 50% on average. To repeat what I’ve said before, the league will not provide rules to be followed for clubs to reopen. This is because the rules in effect at the national, state and local levels vary from one locale to the others, and the league can’t be in the position of controlling what safety measures clubs may want to impose.

In an effort to get a sense of a number of issues the league will be facing as f2f returns, ACBL management sent out two surveys, one each to the Board of Directors (25 members) and to the Board of Governors (approximately 150 members). On Friday, June 4, a national BOD meeting was held at which management reported on the results of the surveys and offered their proposals regarding each of the areas covered in the survey. Here is a brief synopsis of the probable final decisions regarding these issues, but keep in mind that this information is still somewhat preliminary and that the final decisions will be announced on or before July 1. All of these decisions are in support of the concept that management and the BOD want to support a robust return to f2f bridge, while acknowledging that online play is enjoyed by many and will continue.

A club running a f2f open game may run an online limited game at the same time, and these limited tables will be credited in the masterpoint calculation in determining the total number of tables.

A controversial topic is whether a f2f game can run an online game of the same class at the same time. If allowed, they will be totally separate games, neither will get table credit for the other, and they will use different hands.

As the pandemic took hold last spring, the league, in order to attract players to online play, gave all masterpoints (not necessarily in special games) a 1.5 multiplier. That multiplier is being initially reduced and ultimately eliminated.

Clubs will be granted several weeks of special games that will carry significant extra points; and, unlike normal special games, there will be no increase in fees to the clubs. Rather than have these games all start at the same time on the calendar, it is currently the plan to allow each club to start playing these special games based on when that club opens and wants to boost attendance. The current suggestion is to have 8 weeks of Welcome Back Games and 2 additional weeks of Super Welcome Back Games.

Online regionally-rated tournaments were previously scheduled for August, October and December. August will go forward but October and December will be cancelled. Typically, and as the case this year, there is no f2f regional scheduled for the week after the Austin NABC, and the next regional will be our great Palm Springs Regional. Management is investigating the concept of having an online regionally-rated event during that week. I and the other District 22 BOD members are somewhat concerned about whether an online regionally-rated event the week before our f2f tournament might impact our attendance. I tend to doubt it would have much effect. Most players who are itching to get back to f2f tournament play will have already made the decision to attend, and the existence of an online regionally-rated event just prior to ours will probably, in my opinion, not deter them from coming.

Pooling and visitor limitations have caused a great deal of controversy during the last 15 months. For now, except in extreme cases, there will continue to be a moratorium on any new pooling. The current visitor policy will remain unchanged. 

You’ve read in prior articles about the reorganization of the national BOD. The plan was adopted last year and will ultimately lead to the reduction of the number of BOD members from 25 to 13. This will be accomplished by combining, FOR VOTING PURPOSES ONLY, some adjoining districts into regions and electing one representative to the BOD from the region. District 22 was combined with District 23 to create Region 11. The election process started with individuals declaring their candidacy which had to be done by May 31. No one entered the race to oppose me, and as a result I have been elected to represent Region 11 for a new four-year term beginning on January 1, 2022 (after this initial 4 year term, subsequent terms will go back to being 3 years). It’s hard to know if others thought I was doing a good job or just crazy because who else would want to do the work. In any event, I appreciate having been selected and will continue to work diligently to protect our game and hopefully see our ranks grow.

By the time you read this I will have played my first f2f game on June 14. I hope many of you are comfortable coming back to the table and crave the social element that we’ve missed so much due to the pandemic.

I look forward to seeing you at the tables–if not at a club, then certainly at Southern California’s first f2f fabulous Palm Springs Regional. ♣


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