Updates to ACBL's Alert Procedure

The ACBL Board of Directors unanimously approved a comprehensive update to the ACBL Alert Procedure at its November meeting, the first major overhaul in 20 years.

The new procedures go into effect Jan. 1, 2021. Click here for more details.

Due to the COVID19 Situation,

the Labor Day and Ventura Halloween Regionals have been cancelled.


May 22-23, 2021


Get your teams organized to compete in the District 22 GNT Finals! There are no qualifying games, so all ACBL members in good standing in our district are encouraged to participate in this ONLINE event.

Go to the NAP/GNT tab to read the highlights and to delve into the District 22 and ACBL Conditions of Contest.

The All-Western

99er NiteClub

With a new game for players with 0-20MPs! 


The All-Western 99er NiteClub, a cooperative effort sponsored by five neighboring districts (D17/D19/D21/D22/D23) is a virtual club for, as the name implies, players with less than 100 points. Averaging 30+ tables/evening, it continues to be very popular among our players. To this end, we have started a new 0-20 game as a stepping stone for beginners into the realm of virtual clubs.  Refer to the updated flyer for more information.


A highly qualified team directors/instructors to run these games and the ensuing postmortems, and we are very appreciative of their dedication to the program. 


Mondays:  Lynn Yokel, directing and teaching

Tuesdays: Arleen Harvey directing and Wirt Gilliam teaching

Wednesdays: Will Watson, directing and teaching

Thursdays: Ellis Feigenbaum directing and Paul Darin teaching

Congratulations to the following D22 players

who placed in theTop 100

at the April 22-25 regionally-rated online tournament

Rank   Points          Name               City

   1       70.93       Brian Gilbert        Irvine

  2       61.95       Mark Itabashi       Murrieta

  35        29.71          Joe Albert Garcia    Fullerton

  40        28.17          Mitch Dunitz            Sherman Oaks

  67        24.16          Yongdong Yang      Thousand Oaks

  74        23.36          Iftikhar Baqai           Irvine

  77        22.53          Weishu Wu              Irvine

  95       20.06          Lei Tsui                    Thousand Oaks

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The April


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Previous editions of the D22Connection and the Forum can be viewed here.

David's National Dialogue

David Lodge

National Board


The BOD held its “regular” 3-day meeting on Zoom from March 10 through March 12. In quick succession we elected our BOD treasurer, approved appointments to the Online Ethical Oversight Committee, the Competitions and Conventions Committee, the Hall of Fame Committee, the ACBL Disciplinary Committee, the ACBL Laws Commission and the Ethical Oversight Committee. All this took less than an hour and I thought maybe we might not have to have the meetings actually last 3 days. It didn’t work out that way. 

There are some issues that at first glance should be a slam dunk and should take little time to consider and vote on. This is not always the case. One such issue had to do with election campaigning. The first elections for the “Regional Director” will take place this year for terms beginning January 1, 2022. The rules by which the BOD governs are contained in the By-laws and in the Codification. The Codification provided that a candidate for a member of the BOD could not campaign outside their district. Obviously, this rule needed to be changed now that many of us running for Regional Director will have to campaign in the district(s) with which our district will be combined. Simple? Not so fast. The discussion which ensued talked about whether a current director can campaign on behalf of others if said director is not running. We talked about comments on social media and comments on Bridge Winners. Since there is a prohibition about “actively” engaging in a campaign in a Region other than our own, what constitutes “active”? Do we as directors have the right to respond to private questions about who we’d like to see elected? 

A main topic of this meeting stems from the need to have a firm understanding of what the world is going to look like when we are “post pandemic”. To begin with, as of yet there is no definition of what marks the end of the pandemic. We know in California, that for many counties, we’ve moved from Purple to Red and, in a few cases, to Orange. The last stage is titled “Minimal” and is defined as less than 1 daily case per 100,000 of population being discovered and less than 2% of tests being positive. The BOD is trying to assess and come up with its best guess as to: When will f2f come back to near-normal, pre-pandemic play? How many individuals are likely to return to prior patterns of f2f attendance? Will the cost structure of clubs be the same, and if higher, how will the market accept the need to charge more? Will the customers object to the need to be vaccinated before being allowed in? What impact if any will there be if the club changes its hospitality policy and does not offer food? What will be the impact of f2f clubs “competing” with online games? 

There is no question that virtual bridge is here to stay. The ACBL’s contract with BBO runs through June 30, 2025. The league has control over the number and type of games that are run online. We also have control over masterpoint premiums (currently, BBO online games award 1.5x the normal amount of points that would be won in a f2f game). In all of the above analysis we have to consider that the membership has dropped dramatically this past year. While membership was declining at about 1% per year for the prior 2½ years, the rate of loss has increased to almost 9% for the period from June 1, 2020 to March 1, 2021.

In an effort to get some input from clubs within our district, on Friday, April 2, with the assistance of our district president, Lamya Agelidis, I held a Zoom call with about 25 club owners and managers. The purpose of the call was to go over the results of a questionnaire regarding reopening that we’d sent out earlier that week. See the separate article on page 8 to see more about the questions and responses.

In a continuing effort to streamline the governance of the ACBL, the BOD approved a motion to reorganize the Board of Governors (BOG) by reducing its number from approximately 125 to 75. Inasmuch as this motion intends to change the bylaws, it requires passage by ⅔ of the BOD members and a second vote, again with ⅔, 17 votes, required for passage. Our second reading took place on April 8, and passed unanimously. The BOG voted on the motion at their meeting on April 10th. A simple majority of the BOG members was required and the motion passed by a substantial margin. In a related matter, a motion was passed by the BOD to change the name of the BOG. Normally the second reading would have been at the April 8th meeting but we’ve agreed to table the vote until we get a better sense of what the BOG members would prefer.

The league has issued a directive that all employees that work in the field or return to headquarters once it is open, will be required to be vaccinated. Exceptions may be issued in certain limited cases and the league will do whatever is reasonable to accommodate those to whom the exception applies.

In my next article in the June edition, I’ll focus on activities of management as it relates to marketing and IT initiatives. Until then, stay healthy and stay safe. We’re hearing more anecdotes about clubs opening, so hopefully we’ll get to see each other sooner than later. ♣


Requirements for Face-to-Face Tournaments Announced

Here’s a summary of the most recent announcement from the ACBL with further elaboration on the previous announcements:

  • Starting August 1, STACs and Intermediate/Newcomer Sectionals will be allowed to move forward. Essentially, these are tournaments that do not require ACBL staff.

  • All other tournament sanctions will be reviewed on a case by case basis, with the ACBL evaluating every tournament at the 100-day, 60-day and 30-day marks. The final decision will rest with the ACBL, with the primary concern being based on the safety of players, staff and volunteers.

  • For tournaments that do proceed, the following will be mandatory:

    • Vaccination

    • Face Masks

    • Table spacing: Tables must be set at a minimum of 11' centers, in other words, at least 8' apart.

    • No food or drink may be distributed except for individual "grab and go" types of servings

    • Exceptions may be made due to medical or religious beliefs.These will be determined on a case by case basis by the ACBL.

Click here  for more details.

Phase-In Plan for Face-to-Face Bridge Announced

Here’s a summary of the recent announcement from the ACBL:

  • The Providence North American Bridge Championships (NABC) set for Summer 2021 has been moved to Summer 2022.

  • The 2022 Summer NABC in Washington DC has been canceled.

  • Return to playing in person will begin at the local club level, followed by the return of Sectionals, estimated to begin in August 2021, then the return of Regionals, estimated to begin in early October (all dates subject to change). 

  • All tournament sanctions have been canceled through the end of July. 

  • The dates for the 2021 Fall NABC are set as November 25-December 5.

Click here for more details.

Spring NAOBC Schedule
Click here for more details.
NAOBC March 2021 copy.png
2021 Online Schedule
Click here for more details.

Virtual Clubs Visitor Policy

Effective July 24, 2020 the ACBL has relaxed the guidelines for members wishing to access club games other than their 'home' club. Please review the amended policy and contact club managers with any questions you may have. The district strongly urges members to support, when appropriate your local club.

ACBL Safety Considerations

The ACBL recently issued guidelines to the club managers regarding reopening of clubs, which you may find interesting. It can be can viewed on this page on the ACBL 's site.

Virtual Reality

We are in a virtual world - clubs are all closed, tournaments are cancelled. Furthermore, we are missing a lot of the social interaction and mental stimulation we were accustomed to enjoying in the bridge world. Sounds like a dire bridge reality.


Thanks to the folks at BBO, the Common Game and the ACBL, the bridge world made a hasty transition to online bridge. Despite the glitches and challenges along the way, the time and talent that have gone into this migration so far are unbelievable; and the dedication of our volunteers has been inspiring. ACBL’s Chip Dombrowski features the burgeoning of the virtual movement in his Bridge Feed article.


The ACBL now boasts approximately 530 virtual clubs, 17 of them are in our District. Refer to the Virtual Clubs tab under Units/Clubs to get a complete listing of the Virtual Clubs in your area and to view short tutorials on the various aspects of navigating BBO.

District 22 2020 Goodwill Inductees

Congratulations to all!

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