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Gayle Andrews Scholarship

Gayle Andrews.tiff

Gayle Andrews was an active board member in District 22 until her untimely death. Her close friend and partner, Subba Ravipudi, established this scholarship in her memory in 2010. The scholarship awards $1,000 to deserving college students who are ACBL members, playing in local clubs and contributing to bridge.


The charity committee is composed of two members – Subba and Ron Lien. The charity received $5,000 from the District 22 2010 ACBL charity allocation. Other donations came from players. All of the money donated will be used for the scholarships.

For a scholarship application please email

Past Recipients


2010    Julie Curtis

            Stephen Crisafulli


2012    Ninad More


2013    Liang Fan


2014    Oscar Rosa

            Nolan Chang


2015    Oscar Rosa


2019    Emma Kolesnik

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