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District 22 supports youth and junior programming offered by ACBL at their summer NABCs.

The YNABC is a three-day tournament exclusively tailored for youth from 6 to 26 years of age with less than 500 MPs. The players in this event compete in pair and team events. The tournament’s finale is a Swiss Team 2 session competition. The winners are recipients of a scholarship toward the college of their choice.

Contact Millie Garrison, D-22 YNABC Coordinator, at for further information.

Collegiate Bowl.jpeg

The Collegiate Bridge Bowl is the League’s Super Bowl for the nation’s institutions of higher learning. Participants vie for scholarships and bragging rights in the pairs and team competitions.

Teams from any District 22 college or university may apply for financial subsidy to defray expenses.

Contact Millie Garrison, D-22 Collegiate Bridge Bowl, at for further information.

Winning the right to compete for the Rona Cup
Team from UC Santa Barbara
First in the National Youth Swiss Teams
Third in the Collegiate Bridge Bowl: Harvey Mudd College

Youth teams sponsored by District 22

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