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Directors' Classes

District 22 actively supports continuing education opportunities for directors. These Directors’ Refresher Courses (DRC) help by reviewing and refreshing previously learned material. One of the benefits of this course is that directors can consistently enforce the rules uniformly. They are also essential tools for keeping directors informed about changes to the rules that have been made since they first became directors.


In 2019 there were 28 attendees at the DRC which was taught at the Labor Day Regional. In 2021 at the Palm Springs Regional, another DRC was taught by Mick Riccio, ACBL Certified Director and Tournament Assistant. In addition to reviewing rules and learning about changes, directors who attended this course also learned the necessary skills to become online directors. This course was attended by 22 directors from 4 different countries and received rave reviews from all. 


Information will be forthcoming when a new DRC is planned.

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