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The ACBL District 22 Board supports educational activities designed to teach the game of bridge to:

  • Those who have never played bridge

  • Former bridge players whose skills are rusty 

  • Currently active players to help improve their skills

All educational activities geared to attracting new and returning members to our clubs will receive priority. Instructors of classes geared to new and returning players are asked to stipulate that their students join the ACBL using the free guest member program and make every effort to sign them up. Details of the guest member program are available at


 The Board sets aside funds for education grants each year and publicizes their availability to all units at least annually.

Any unit president, club, or teacher within District 22 may submit a request for financial support from the Board for educational activities. When a club or teacher initiates a request, it should be routed through their unit president before being submitted to the district’s Education Coordinator.

Detailed instructions and the application forms for submission can be found by clicking below.

The Education Coordinator is Millie Garrison, whom you can contact at if you need help or have questions or suggestions. 


In addition to financial support from District 22, the ACBL national organization provides extensive educational assistance. Details are available at

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