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District 22 - Who We Are

Before 1956 bridge players in Southern California were a part of the Pacific Bridge League (PBL). The merger of PBL into ACBL created the League’s Western Division. With the formation of the current system of districts and units the Western Conference came into being with Districts 17, 18, 19, 20, 21 and 23 forming the organization recognized by ACBL. District 22 remains an active member of the Western Conference which now has a reduced membership.

Today District 22 jurisdiction spans from the beaches of San Diego and San Luis Obispo to the Coachella Valley’s desert westward to Blythe. There are 22 active units. The district’s membership averages 6,600+ individuals. Several members have served as president of ACBL, others have received national recognition for their service.

The vast area of service is divided into four distinct geographic regions. Two Area Representatives from each of the four regions are elected by the units in their constituency to serve on the board.  One of the three representatives to the National Advisory Council is the ninth voting member.

The D-22 board hosts four open regionals: San Diego, Labor Day, Ventura and Palm Springs. Since 2015, the district has offered a 0-750 Non-Life Master Regional to its growing population of new and advancing players. This was halted during the pandemic, and will be re-instituted if there is a demand.

The annual NAP and GNT district finals are held under the direction of the board.

Appointees to the District 22 Goodwill Committee are solicited and honored every September.

Youth and educational programs are funded with proceeds from regionals.

Our newsletter, D22Connection is published monthly on the 15th.

Please continue to visit this website for up-to-the-minutes news in District 22.

We are honored to represent you and look forward to greeting you at the tables in the near future.

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